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It is often said that you only get one chance to make a first impression. In most personal and business interactions, your face is the first thing people see, so you want it to look its best, thereby ensuring a positive first impression. From his cosmetic surgery office located on the Upper East Side, Dr. Craig Foster provides various facial procedures, including lip augmentation and chin and cheek implants, to New York patients in Uptown Manhattan and throughout the City. Dr. Foster meets with his patients to develop a treatment plan that will meet each patient's specific needs and desires.

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Foster's extensive training exceeds the level of many of his peers, allowing him to better serve your cosmetic surgery needs, including BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, breast procedures, skin care treatments, and the facial restoration procedures outlined below.

Cheek Augmentation with Implants

Strong, full cheekbones tend to present a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, while a weak cheek structure, a flat or narrow face, or aging can cause cheekbones to lack definition and detract from the beauty of a face. If you are not happy with your cheekbones, our Uptown Manhattan cosmetic surgeon can use cheek implants to improve the structure of your cheeks.

It is important to note that, as with any facial implant, improperly placed or disproportionate cheek implants could create a further imbalance of your face instead of creating a balanced look. With his double board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and otolaryngology, New York cosmetic surgeon Craig Foster is skilled in placing cheek implants. His expertise assures patients at his Upper East Side practice that they will see pleasing results following their cheek augmentation procedure.

After studying your facial features and discussing with you your desired results from the surgery, Dr. Foster will be able to recommend cheek augmentation alone or the placement of cheek implants combined with another facial procedure. Schedule a consultation with our New York plastic surgeon to find out if cheek implants are right for you.

Chin Augmentation with Implants

Bone structure can cause what is referred to as a "weak chin." This term has nothing to do with the physical strength of the chin, but with the fact that a disproportionate chin can weaken the overall appearance of your face. If your chin is smaller than it should be, otherwise well-proportioned facial features may seem flawed. A weak chin can make your nose appear too large or can create the appearance of a fleshy neck.

At his Manhattan office, Dr. Foster can augment your chin using facial implants. Some of his New York patients have benefited by combining chin augmentation with implants with nose surgery to better balance the entire face.

Using a simple technique, Dr. Foster can place a chin implant under the skin, giving you a better proportioned face. To determine if chin augmentation can bring better balance to your face, schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster today.

Lip Augmentation

With stars like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and Eva Mendes being recognized for their sexy, pouty lips, many women look to enhance their perfectly normal lips with lip augmentation. However, the trend towards pouty lips is not the only reason people turn to lip augmentation. At his Upper East Side Manhattan location, Dr. Foster also performs lip augmentation for New York patients who were born with thin, flat lips or lips shaped in a way that appears as if they are missing their upper or lower lip.

Whatever your reason for seeking lip augmentation, Dr. Foster can meet you to determine not only if lip augmentation will improve your appearance, but also what type of augmentation technique would work best for you. At his plastic surgery practice in Uptown New York, Dr. Foster offers lip augmentation using injectable dermal fillers..

When seeking lip enhancement, it is important to find a treatment that gives you the desired look of fuller lips (not the look of someone having an allergic reaction). With extensive experience in facial treatments, Dr. Foster can provide you with natural-looking lip augmentation results.

Learn more about lip augmentation at our Manhattan plastic surgery practice.


The natural effects of aging, stress, and environmental factors can cause facial skin to loosen and sag, making you look older than you feel. Facelift procedures can help restore a more youthful appearance by tightening sagging skin and facial muscles. Dr. Foster tailors facelift procedures to meet the needs of each of his patients by combining a full facelift with lip augmentation or chin implants or by performing a partial facial procedure such as a lower facelift, mid facelift, or mini "weekend" facelift.

Learn more about the facelift procedures our Manhattan plastic surgery practice offers.

Eyelid Surgery

Drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes can cause you to look tired and older. Through blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Dr. Foster can remove excess skin and fat from the eye area and give you a more rejuvenated appearance. The results of eyelid surgery can be even more dramatic when combined with other procedures, such as a brow lift.

Learn more about eyelid surgery at our Uptown New York plastic surgery practice.


If you are not comfortable with the size or shape of your nose, then rhinoplasty, more commonly called a "nose job," could be the solution for you. Using this nose reshaping procedure, Dr. Foster can not only create a more aesthetically pleasing nose, but also can correct breathing problems and other nasal issues, including a deviated septum. Dr. Foster is renowned throughout the world  for his rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty work.

Learn more about the rhinoplasty procedures available at our Upper East Side cosmetic surgery practice.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Not all cosmetic surgeons have the same level of expertise in facial plastic surgery procedures as Dr. Foster. Because of this, some people get less-than-stellar results from their nose surgery performed by other surgeons. If you previously underwent rhinoplasty and are unhappy with the result, Dr. Foster may be able to help. Skilled in revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Foster can repair issues that may have developed after a previous nose surgery.

Learn more about revision nose surgery techniques used at our New York City plastic surgery practice.


Typically, otoplasty (ear surgery  patients are children between the ages of 4 and 14. However, anyone who is unhappy with the size or shape of his or her ears can benefit from ear surgery. In addition to correcting aesthetic ear issues, Dr. Foster can use otoplasty to reconstruct ears deformed at birth or through injury.

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Patients in the Uptown/Upper East Side of New York, who are interested in chin or cheek implants, lip augmentation, or other facial plastic surgery procedures, should contact our Manhattan plastic surgery office today.

Dr. Craig Foster

Craig A. Foster, MD, FACS

Dr. Craig A. Foster is double board-certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology. He brings surgical expertise to each patient he sees. His private boutique surgical center on the Upper East Side is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (QUAD A).

Dr. Foster has served as the Director of the Facial Plastic Clinic of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE), and is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.

To learn more about the facial plastic surgery and cosmetic skin care services we offer, request a consultation online or call our office at (212) 744-5746.

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