Rejuvenate Your Appearance with a Minimally Invasive Mini Facelift


Recent advancements in plastic surgery have created a boom in anti-aging treatments that target sagging skin and wrinkles. Facelift surgery is an extremely popular option for achieving total facial rejuvenation. For patients who do not need a full facelift, like those in their 30s and 40s who are just beginning to show noticeable signs of aging, a mini "weekend" facelift is a fantastic option. With this type of facelift, patients can undergo a minimally-invasive procedure that refreshes their appearance and allows them return to their everyday activities with little downtime. Learn how renowned surgeon Dr. Craig Foster can restore your youthful looks with a quick and effective mini facelift at his Manhattan practice. Schedule your consultation with us today.

What is a Mini “Weekend” Facelift?

A mini facelift is a cosmetic procedure that helps to reduce wrinkling and sagging, particularly in the middle portion of the face. The term “weekend” is sometimes used to describe this facelift due to its abbreviated healing time. In fact, patients are usually able to return to work and normal activities within a week following their surgery.

A mini facelift is generally an outstanding aesthetic solution for people who have crow’s feet radiating from their eyes, and who have lost youthful contours around their cheeks. Candidates should be in good overall health and want to improve the area of the face from their eyes to approximately their mid cheeks. Patients should also have realistic expectations about what the surgery can achieve for their appearance.

Mini Facelift Benefits

A mini facelift differs from a traditional facelift because it treats a smaller area of the face, meaning the procedure is less invasive. During a traditional facelift, an incision is made around the back of the ear, extending to the lower portion of the hairline and allowing the surgeon to manipulate the underlying tissue throughout the entire face.

During a mini facelift, a small number of very small incisions are strategically placed, so only the mid-portion of the face is accessed. Because a mini facelift is minimally-invasive procedure, it can often be performed with a local anesthetic and sedation, whereas a traditional facelift is performed while the patient is under the effects of general anesthesia. Benefits of a mini facelift include less scarring, reduced recovery time, and fewer post-surgical side effects, like grogginess and inflammation.

The Procedure

During your mini facelift, small incisions will be made near your ears, discreetly hidden within the hairline. A small endoscopic camera and surgical instruments will be inserted through these incisions. Next, Dr. Foster will tighten and adjust the muscle and underlying tissues into a more youthful position, and gently tighten and trim away excess skin. The skin will then be smoothed for a more contoured, defined, and youthful appearance. For patients who have pockets of excess fat, liposuction may be combined to further enhance their results.

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