Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: Laser Treatments Can Improve Them All

Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing spots, scars, and stretch marks? Thanks to innovations in dermatology — specifically laser therapies — you can transform discolored or aging skin into a youthful complexion that’ll make you smile every time you walk by the mirror. 

Dr. Craig M. Foster, an expert in medical aesthetics and skincare, can help you go from splotchy and blotchy to smooth and radiant. He uses a system called Clear + Brilliant, and it does exactly what the name implies. 

What is the Clear + Brilliant laser?

Clear + Brilliant is a laser resurfacing skincare system that gets rid of spots, scars, stretch marks, bumps, and roughness. It received FDA approval in 2011, and patients have been happily receiving treatments ever since, so you can rest assured Clear + Brilliant is safe and effective. 

How does the Clear + Brilliant laser work?

No cutting, no needles, no downtime or painful recovery: The Clear + Brilliant laser uses fractional laser technology to exfoliate away layers of your skin, revealing a smoother, brighter, clearer complexion. The pulsating beams of light create millions of microscopic treatment zones in the outer layers of your skin, which replaces aged, damaged skin with healthy tissue.

Clear + Brilliant uses the same technology as the renowned Fraxel laser system, but Clear + Brilliant treatments aren’t nearly as intense, and they don’t take as long. Also unlike a Fraxel treatment, Clear + Brilliant doesn’t require any downtime. 

When will I see results?

Most patients see results immediately following treatment, but the full and final effects typically set in about one week after your treatment. You may continue to see results develop even one month after treatment — hooray for long-lasting beauty treatments!

How many laser treatments do I need?

The number of laser treatments you need depends on how severely damaged your skin is and which areas you wish to treat. Most patients need three to six treatments to see optimal results, but in reality, Clear + Brilliant treatments are so quick and gentle that you could incorporate them as part of your regular beauty routine. Dr. Foster can advise you on the best course of treatment for your particular skin condition. 

Laser treatment with Dr. Craig A. Foster, MD, FACS

An expert in medical aesthetics and skincare, Dr. Foster can help you achieve the youthful complexion you’ve been wishing for. He consults with all patients about their skin history and current skincare regimen. Be prepared to talk about things like products you use, how much water you drink, sleeping habits, skin conditions, and more. After your consultation, Dr. Foster will recommend a custom treatment plan for you. 

Are you ready? You’re one phone call away from — dare we say — clear and brilliant skin. Call Dr. Foster today, or if you’re already a patient, log in to the patient portal

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