Pucker Up: Collagen or Fat Injections?

If you dream of having voluminous lips that are smooth, shapely, and well-defined, you’re not alone: Lip augmentation using natural or biocompatible synthetic fillers has become one of the most requested cosmetic treatments among women of all ages.

Whether your lips have always been naturally thin, or they’ve simply become less defined with age, enhancing them with the right filler can help you create the perfect pout, soften the lines around your mouth, and subtly redefine your appearance.  

To choose the best filler for your needs, it’s important to understand your options. Let’s explore two of the most popular temporary lip fillers available — collagen and fat. 

Lip augmentation basics

Have your lips become thinner, flatter, or less defined with age? Would fuller, more sensuous lips help you feel more confident in your appearance? Or perhaps you think your lips disappear when you smile or seem out of balance with your other facial features?

Lip augmentation is a long-lasting (yet non-permanent) treatment that uses an all-natural filler or a biocompatible synthetic filler to enhance naturally thin lips or restore lost tissue volume to lips that have been visibly deflated by the normal aging process.   

The procedure itself is relatively quick and straightforward. After applying a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable, Dr. Foster carefully administers multiple tiny injections into your lips at specific points. The precise, skillful placement of filler helps ensure you achieve beautifully balanced results as well as the perfect amount of volume in all the right places.  

Collagen fillers vs. fat transfer

Ongoing advances in cosmetic medicine mean that lip fillers are safer, longer lasting, and more predictable than ever before. It also means there are more FDA-approved fillers to choose from. For most discerning women, the choice comes down to these tried-and-true options:

Collagen fillers

As the main protein that gives your skin its structure and its strength, collagen is an ideal filler when it comes to restoring lost tissue volume or enhancing naturally thin lips. When injected in just the right places, collagen adds instant volume, provides subtle contour, and helps smooth nearby lines and wrinkles. 

The collagen used in lip fillers is an all-natural biomaterial that’s typically derived from cow or pig collagen. Even though collagen fillers are highly purified, safe, sterile, and fully approved by the FDA, they still require a quick pre-treatment allergy test to ensure you won’t experience an allergic reaction. 

Collagen lip fillers deliver immediate results with virtually no downtime. You can expect your new, voluminous lips to last 2-4 months before it’s time to schedule your next subtle beauty boost. 

Fat transfer

A fat transfer combines liposuction with lipoinjection to harvest your own fat cells and inject them back into your lips. Widely considered the ultimate all-natural lip filler, fat injections are a safe and effective alternative to “off-the-shelf” lip fillers.  

The fat transfer process is slightly more involved, however, in that it requires a mini liposuction procedure first. Dr. Foster uses a fine tube called a microcannula to remove a small amount of fat from a “donor” area of your body that has ample excess fat, such as your belly or hips.  

Then, after gently washing these living cells, Dr. Foster loads the purified fat graft into a small syringe with an ultra-fine needle and carefully injects it into your lips. Because the fat graft is from your own body, it’s totally hypoallergenic and poses no risk of an adverse reaction. 

While fat injections deliver immediate results, those results can be slightly less predictable. You may require more than one fat transfer session to achieve the perfect degree of plumpness and lip definition. Even so, you can expect your final results to last for a year or longer.

Create your perfect pucker

Lips may come in a wide range of wonderfully different shapes, but full, luscious lips have long been a hallmark of youth and feminine beauty. Dr. Foster can help you determine which kind of filler is best suited to your unique lip structure and personal aesthetic goals so you can get the subtle results you want. 

If you’re ready to create beautifully full lips that will turn heads for all the right reasons, we can help. Call our office in Manhattan, New York City, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster. 

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